What iswas this?

This group is currently [on hiatus]

A group of hackers and entrepreneurs.

We meet once a week and work on whatever interests us — startups, side projects, open source, consulting, writing, or anything else that needs doing.

Who’s invited?

You. Your friends. We’re open to anyone who wants to come.

Bring your own stuff to work on or meet someone new in the group and do something awesome together.

Where and when is it?

Monday nights from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the McAlister's in Fishers (on 116th between I-69 and Allisonville)

How do I learn more?

We tweet when we meet. Follow on Twitter for the most frequent updates.

Also—sign up for our newsletter. We'll send out infrequent updates.

Who's been to this thing?

Project Gallery

Stuff we've built, launched, or hacked on at Indy Startup Lab

  • RailsThemes

    Beautiful themes for your Rails app, sliced into HTML and CSS and customized for your gems and tools.

    RailsThemes Anthony and Eliza

  • Morale

    Daily team mood tracking.

  • AwesomeController

    Awesome Controller lets you play retro video game systems with modern wireless controllers.

  • paperplane

    Radically simple static hosting. Dropbox in. Website out.

    paperplane Kyle and Tony

  • ClassRealm

    ClassRealm provides a platform for teachers to introduce gamification into their classrooms, encourage better behavior patterns, and promote creative expression.

    ClassRealm Dave and Courtny

  • Generic Space Shooter

    A generic space shooter game using CoffeeScript and HTML5 canvas, like Galaga but store brand.

    Generic Space Shooter Kyle and Anthony

  • 5 Day Prototype

    Get the ideas out of your head and into the world. Five day rapid prototyping for your startup or product.

    5 Day Prototype Kyle and Tony

  • Equity Steaks

    An employee compensation plan that's well done.

    Equity Steaks Kyle, Tony, Matt, and Michael

  • Stringer

    A self-hosted, anti-social RSS reader.

  • Ghostile

    Make cool 'ghost like' images by blending two photos together

    Ghostile Michael